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"...knows my vision..."

I started working with Pageant Concepts over 6 years ago when Arnoldo DJ’d my White Party for two years, and then became part of my actual production team. Arnoldo has brought my opening numbers to the next level by designing and programming the lighting to the music and making it much more exciting and entertaining. A true event production. He is great at keeping the crowd entertained, and after years of working together...I can truly say that he knows my vision and always exceeds my expectations. I highly recommend him and his team. You will not be disappointed.

       --Maria Torres; Galaxy Pageants Director

"...the the industry..."

"Arnoldo and team have designed a couple pageant stages for us recently, including lighting, sound and DJ work. He has a dedicated approach to the process and I believe is the best pageant DJ in the industry. He adds some creative flair and always works with our budget." --Laura Clark, Director: Miss Earth USA; International Miss

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" a league of their own..."

My name is Michael Galanes, I am the International Director for World’s Perfect Pageant and Model Search and the International Citrus Pageant. I have been directing for 30 years! 

Arnoldo Offermann and his team are in a league of their own. He has singlehandedly changed the face of my brands. Everyone notices.  His attention to detail is impeccable. His music selection not only is a crowd favorite, but it inspires the contestant on the stage and/or runway. His lighting elevates the production value. The pageant seems more prestigious with all his finishing touches.

He personalizes the event to your brand. He is far from cookie cutter, he is cutting edge.

Monica Offermann will set up the curtains and run the boards like a BROADWAY Show. They put in 16 hour days.

I appreciate and value all that he has done for my pageants and all of the contestants with whom I am blessed to work.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

Happy Pageanting, I wish you all the best.

       --Michael Galanes; World's Perfect Pageant & Model Search / International Citrus Director


"Pageant Concepts AV - Arnoldo, Monica, and the team - are the best! I have worked multiple productions with them over the past few years and I have never been so impressed with the level of perfection that they pursue. Never a technical difficulty, AV is always spot on and on cue, with thorough planning and communication just makes for an easy time and smooth run knowing that everyone knows your run of show and what's to be expected when. A++++ in my books!" --Khia Cimone; Mrs. Earth USA Director

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" detail left untouched..."

I’ve had the privilege of being a part of one of Arnoldo’s pageant productions for 4 years now, as a contestant, a reigning queen, and a director; and I can tell you that I’ve never experienced a more professional, hard working , technologically advanced or higher energy production than his. Arnoldo leaves NO detail left untouched, and participates from start to finish to ensure everything is perfect. His ability to target the audience he’s working with is impeccable, and he will guarantee that your guests will be comfortable and engaged through the entire production. He brings an incredible energy and I’ve even seen him go above and beyond to help fill in during a show emergency to keep the flow moving seamlessly. His heart and his passion for what he does makes him so much more than a member of an amazing AV team- he will quickly become a part of your forever pageant family! If you’re looking for someone that you can whole heartedly trust to take your pageant stage to the next level, I highly recommend Arnoldo and the Pageant Concepts AV team! -- Deanna Silva; Mrs. Galaxy International 2018, Florida Galaxy Director

"...the best pageant I've ever had."

I am happy to tell you what a difference it made to have hired you for this year’s pageant. I have held the Miss Florida Citrus/Miss Winter Haven Pageant since 2015, and it is part of the Miss America system. In the past, I had to handle everything – from getting people to staff the spotlights, backstage areas, cue the contestants and emcee, and handle the run of show. This year was the Centennial of the Miss Florida Citrus Pageant, and I had 3 events in 2 days, so I hired Pageant Concepts to take over the pageant for me. And I mean take over the show for me - I didn’t arrive until 3:30PM the day of the show because I also had the Florida Citrus Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies Luncheon...taking place that day in Lakeland (the pageant was in Winter Haven). He handled all of the rehearsals and talent himself. 

I just gave him the Run of Show and script, along with the contestant list and music, and told him to do whatever he felt needed to be done – just call if he had any questions. I received maybe 3 calls from him - he handled everything else – and it was the best pageant I’ve ever had. I actually asked him just before the show if he could do a quick recap of some photos to a song I wanted to use as part of the program and he added that in seamlessly. He even caught a mistake in my script DURING THE SHOW  which would have been a huge gaffe on my part, and quickly contacted the emcee and backstage person to make things work. It was incredible!

His knowledge of how pageants work and what is entailed in making it a good show for spectators and contestants alike is truly a huge benefit to any organization hosting a pageant, and the lighting effects brought the program to a new level... I am sincere when I say that you won’t be disappointed and the money will be well spent with his company!  Thank you, Arnoldo & Company!!!  --Brenda Eubanks; Miss Florida Citrus Director 

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